Zero Impact Band


Year: 2012, 2014

Grant Amount: $2,500 (2012)

The Longhorn Band uses many products that are recyclable, and is currently making a conscious effort to educate members on recycling and composting the everyday materials members use. They seek to become a “Zero Impact Band,” meaning that 90% of materials used can either be recycled, composted, or reduced all together.

The Longhorn Band used Green Fee funding to order reusable cups and water bottles for their members in order to encourage reuse and recycling. They also worked with Pok-E-Jo’s, a local barbeque company that provides meals for the band on game day, to use compostable dishes and silverware. Future projects include ordering iPads for directors and section leaders to use in order to reduce paper. Renewed funding will take this project into the 2014-2015 academic year.


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