UT MicroFarm


Grant Amount: $15,000 (2011), $19,862 (2012), $15,000 (2013), $15,000 (2014)

Years: 2011, 2012,  2013

UT expanded its gardening footprint by transforming a UT-owned vacant lot on Leona Street behind Disch Falk Field into a small-scale organic farm. The UT MicroFarm hosts weekly workdays, where people can learn to garden and work the earth in ways previously unavailable on campus. MicroFarmers also learn about sustainable agriculture through practicing it themselves.

The MicroFarm provides a space and community for students to learn sustainable food production methods. Many food production methods harm the environment due to fertilizers, pesticides, and other production methods–the MicroFarm raises awareness of these methods and provides hands on experience growing organic food. They’re also a really nice bunch of people!

The MicroFarm is part of the Campus Environmental Center, a sponsored student organization in Campus Planning & Facilities Management.

Check out the MicroFarm blog and follow them on Facebook!


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