Solar Panels at The Facilities Complex


Year: 2011

Grant Amount: $75,000

UT was awarded $1.1 million from the TX State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) to install 200+ kW of solar PV arrays:  30 kW at the Manor Parking Garage and 175 kW at the Facilities complex on Manor Road. These installations serve together as a showpiece, a teaching tool in the classroom, and a research test bed that help establish UT as a leader in renewable energy and help us train energy leaders.  In addition, this project provides charging stations for electric vehicles, generates 267,000 kWh of clean energy each year, and avoids 62.5 tons of carbon emissions.  Green Fee contributed $75,000 to complete the installation, and help fund an undergraduate research assistant, who built a web-based interface to be used as a teaching tool. The solar panels were installed on top of the Manor Garage, and on top of the FC3 building. These panels bring in an annual offset of $38,268 in energy savings, and 512,000 lbs of CO2 less per year.

This video shows a time lapse of the installation:


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