Pervious Cover near San Jacinto Garage


Year: 2012

Grant Amount: $55,100

Impervious cover decreases the amount of infiltration that can occur during rain storms. In a large city like Austin, our abundance of impervious cover causes intense amounts of contaminants to runoff into creeks, specifically Waller Creek on campus. Pervious cover, unlike impervious cover, allows for water to pass through the concrete and filtrate directly into the ground.

The new pervious cover just outside of the San Jacinto garage on the southern side allows for more filtration of rainwater before it enters Waller Creek nearby. This filtering effect will better the water quality of Waller Creek, which often has poor water quality due to the intense amounts of urbanization surrounding the creek.

Furthermore, the new surface provides many possibilities for research on specific effects of pervious cover, infiltration times, and water quality improvement.  This project is an excellent start to more pervious cover on campus and will be a useful research site.


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