Shower Timers in Moore-Hill


Year: 2012

Grant Amount: $2,600

When one student had concerns about water usage on campus, the idea to install shower timers in residence halls was born. 80 shower timers were installed in Moore-Hill. Each timer came with a sign that discusses the importance of using less water, and how to use the timer.  Shower timers are a proven way to both measure efficiency as well as reduce water use. The timers installed in Moore-Hill did not affect water flow, but they provided an easy way to set a visual countdown so that the students could “race the clock” to finish in a selected amount of time.

After a semester of using the timers in Moore-Hill, students took a survey about their water use. 85% of students said they would decrease their shower time after using a timer. 83% said they would be willing to use a timer in the future to help them save money and encourage a better use of their time.


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