ESI Outreach

ImageYear: 2011, 2012, 2013

Grant Amount: $16,350

The Environmental Science Institute exists to help bring awareness of sustainable practices to the UT community. ESI has created seven videos to showcase Green Fee projects, including the Tree Nursery, UTeach Outreach field trips, LBJ Green Dining initiatives, and more. Over 500 DVDs have been made and distrubuted, which include videos, PowerPoints and a lecture series put on by ESI. We’ve filmed some of ESI’s events so that if you weren’t there, you can experience the event on your computer. As more and more environmental issues are brought to the table, it’s important to stay informed and connected to relevant practices and solutions.

By filming and making these talks available, environmental issues can reach more individuals. More people will be informed and be inspired to positively impact their own local environments, not only in Austin, but throughout the world where people can access the world wide web!

Check out this one with speaker Robert Bullard! 


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